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Tracking Keyword Rankings

How are your Keywords Performing in the Search Engines?

Okay since we have gone through all the effort of keyword research, optimizing your website, GMB page and social media platforms accordingly.

It’s finally  time to quantify the fruits of your labor, this is done by tracking  your keyword visibility within the three main search engines. These being Google, Bing and Yahoo both organically and locally.

There are absolutely tons of keyword ranking tools available on the market. We have tested most, we find some are too complex whilst others only give national as opposed to local rankings.

With this in mind we would like to introduce our favorite tool Bright Local.
Tip- Please note, we don’t use all of Bright Local’s services (7 available) as we believe they are superior elsewhere. We have cherry picked based on our experience the 3 services we have used consistently within our agency, as can be seen below.



 Why use Bright Local?

• There is a 30 day trial available, with no credit card required ($19.99 per month thereafter). So no harm in giving it a test drive.

• Results are gathered locally at city level not nationally.

• It’s simple to use and easy to understand the data.

• Allows you to track up to 3 url’s ( website, Facebook and You tube).

• Customer support is robust.

• Allows name tracking.

• Allows competitor analysis.

• Review badges are FREE to make.

• Upto 5 FREE Google + Local Wizard reports.


Our 3 favorite Tools

Tool 1


As you can see results are split into 3 easy to read sections



Keyword movement can be tracked over time:



You can compare your results vs your competition



For a detailed tutorial on report settings and functions please watch the video below


Tool 2



A nice little bolt on to your testimonials page, to encourage reviews.


More details here:

Tool 3

Allows a nice overview of your citation profile, images, top categories and number of reviews so you know what to focus your efforts on.


So there you have it in our opinion at $19.99 it’s a worthy investment, click here to start your free 30 day trail.

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