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We invite you to ‘Take the Tour’ by playing the video below to see for yourself what you get when you join us in Be Local Be Social Membership. We are the only exclusive membership site for dental health professionals who are serious about marketing their business online to get more customers and more profits.

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Hi welcome to Be Local Be Social. I am Perry Stevens and I would like to invite in to take a tour so you can see exactly what you get when you join us here at Be Local Be Social membership. So let us have a look what is inside.

Be Local Be Social - Perry Stevens

Perry Stevens

So welcome to the inside. So the first we are going to do is register. And to register you need to do is click this button here. Then you will be taken through to your Paypal, etc. to pay. Once you have done all that you will land on this page.

So the first thing we ask you to do is come to this Quick Start button and you will see it falls down here and you will see the introductory tour which is what you are on now. So we ask you to meet the team in here you will meet myself and Gio and all the members of the team. We ask you to introduce yourself of course by going to the forum and it is under this tab, this is where you access your dashboard, how do you get support, how to create your profile, change of password and of course if you need to cancel your membership at any time you can do so and remember you got a 30-day money back guarantee.

So under the next tab ‘Build Your Biz‘ is the real start of the membership site. And this is for people who have no web presence whatsoever online. So we take you right to the very basics here with how to Buy a Domain Name, we show you how to do that, and how to Host a Domain Name and then how to build a website with themes in Website Designs and Development. Now if you have never done that before it sounds kind of scary. There is also options there for you to go to our preferred providers who will built that for you. We can make recommendations but we ask you to do your own due diligence and shop around, also to get the best price and also the best product at the end of the day. And once you have read through this site and watched our presentations you will be a lot more knowledgeable as to what you need and what is required. So no one will be able to pull the wool over your eyes when you get to a into position to buy a new website.

Great, okay so now we get into Optimize Your Biz. Now these eight chapters. We have broken this section to eight chapters. Now these chapters are basically add up to 100% of your online local social ranking. So we have broken them down into percentage points. So once you have completed each  chapter you will be completing say 20% or 10% of the total search ranking factors. And once you have completed all eight you will have 100% local search ranking position basically you will be optimized 100%.

We recommend the first one you do is actually start in the Chapter One which is Google My Business they are the old Google Places. And this shows you not about your own website but this is an external property on Google that you need to claim and this can get you on first page of Google by claiming and optimizing this correctly. This can get you on the first page without even having a website. It helps to have a website certainly but you can be the first page of Google without a website. So we ask you to do this first because this is going to get you a return (ROI). You are going to get visibility and you are going to start getting a return with people calling you and emailing you for your services.

The next one we ask you to do is Chapter Two. We broke this down to two sections. By doing this we got some software so you can easily claim, clean, optimize your business listings online. We have some great software, you can do that very easily. This used to be a manual process that you just take months. Now you can do it very easily with our partnership here. So we ask you to do this and we advise you to do this and recommend you to do this. Once you have done these two things you have got 30 or 40 percent of your local rankings already. So these two are very important and two of the easiest ones to do too.

Further down the page we can go down to External Page Signals and Link Signals and how to get Reviews and Social Signals etc, there is a lot more here. As I said we ask you to dive into this, do the first two first then work your way through diligently, they’re broken down into bite size chunks so there is no need for any overwhelm and of course you got any questions, anytime you can go to the forum and ask questions or maybe someone has already asked the same question. So you can see any issues they have had and get some help from there too. But Gio and I are always there for you too. So please go to the forum with any questions you have at anytime and we will answer them for you.

The next section is called Share Your Biz. So we have optimized that website and now we want to start sharing and nowadays we are in a very social world as you know. We all know Facebook and Twitter but to work these properties correctly there is different ways to work them, to manage them and they all do something different and we should manage those differently. Whether it is to engage with the customers or to reach out and find new customers. Different properties for different reasons. So we guide you through them, we introduce you to each one and tell you how to work with each one basically so you can really make a good start and engage with your prospects and customers out there. To do that, one of the biggest things we found when people start is that they are kind of overwhelmed and they think, ‘wow I have got to build all these content, I do not know where to start!’ You kind of get a brain freeze, if you like, and you do not know what to do. So we have developed these Thirty One Says of Social and it is actually more than thirty one days as there are not enough days in a month. We have got lot of ideas here that we use ourselves, for our clients and you can see these ideas, strategies and then implement them into your business and create lots of great content, lots of great ideas to start sharing online in your blogs and on Facebook and on Twitter etc. So there is more than enough ideas there if you have other ideas then let us know we can share them with the rest of the membership.

Taking Care of Biz – This is where we kind of put your business on steroids. So we start of with our Blog. This is where we personally write our blog posts. So we have got new content coming onto these pages all the time, so always check back here for our new content, new pages. Other chapters we have here are Conversion Tactics and there is Keyword Research and there is Reputation Management. These are all great things that you should be diving into once you have got the basics set up on your site. So when your site is 100% optimized, we need to really put it on steroids as I said and take it to a whole new place. So then you are getting real domination in your search in your local area, you are getting multiple searches, you are building your brand, you are the ‘go-to’ expert in your area and you are already solidifying now you are really building some real solid real estate with your website. That is going to be really hard to knock off anywhere. So that is ‘Taking Care of Biz‘. So this is a really good chapter to boost and build on what we have already learned in the previous chapters.

Now you might think at this point, ‘wow there is a lot of stuff here’ and you are right. But we have broken it down in to bite size chunks and we have just to work through it diligently one step at a time. And just thirty minutes a day you will start seeing really good results. If you want to speed up that process, then you want to come here to Outsourcing. So outsourcing is a way to pass on a lot of the work that you do not have time for or it is repetitive. When you come to outsourcing, will show you how to outsource, what you can outsource, what you should be outsourcing, how to manage your outsources and really let go of some parts of your business. So you can get straight on with what you do best i.e dentistry, and get other people to do what we know works. We can give you all the tools, all the ammunition, all the knowledge that we have but if you do not take action it is no benefit for you. So if time is an issue, hire an outsourcer get them to do these things. You can give them keys to this site, to your membership and then give them clear instructions of what exactly what you need them to do. They can do that for you in a lot less time as they are professionals in what they do. It’s finding these outsources, so we can help. In this section here we are telling you where to go, what to do and how to do it. And to tell you the truth, if I did not have outsources when I started this business I would not be where I am today because there is a lot to learn and you cannot do it all by yourself. There is no way can you do this all yourself. As you know as a dentist or orthodontist you have a big team behind you so as you know you have got to learn to let go certain things. Accounts or marketing and various different aspects of your business. We’re not all going to be able to do everything unfortunately, so we have to let other people do that for us. And we have been working online and in marketing and SEO, outsources are the best way to do that. For one reason is they can be paying literary pennies on the dollar, compared to hiring someone for a big agency or someone locally to do it. So you can save a lot of money and move your business forward a lot quicker.

And finally the heart of this website is the Forum. So as we have mentioned before any time you have any questions come into the forum. Many times questions are asked by other members so search for the questions before you post. But by all means post any questions you have concerning SEO, marketing online, social networks, about reputation management and any issues you are having in your own business in marketing and all the above. So we are here to help you. You have got two very knowledgeable local search professionals here with me and Gio, or Gio and I should I say? And we are here to help you. So we want you to succeed. So as I said before “what you put in is what you get out” and you can get a lot out of this site if you put a little in. So it is all about taking ACTION now. So we hope you find your site very informative and you get a lot out of it. And we want to keep in touch with you; we are really passionate about getting you to the next level and making you succeed. Because your success is literally our success and we really want to share that success with you. Be part of the community and we can all help everybody in this membership site, we can all benefit from each other. So we want to see everyone benefit and really make something off Be Local Be Social and your business.

So without any further ado. We can say that a lot! Without any further ado, I think that brings us to the end of this video. So you do have any questions, any queries or any issues, any problems be sure to contact myself or Gio in the forum or in our emails or anywhere online that you find us, we are literary everywhere. So please contact us through Twitter or Facebook, we’re everywhere as you can well imagine. We are here to help you so please reach out and let us put your business where it really should be on the first page of Google. All the best to you and we will see on the inside at a later date.

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