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Simple Marketing Strategies for an Orthodontic Practice

An orthodontic practice will require the use of a number of marketing strategies in order to engage a local audience and get new patients as well as keep their existing patients. Generating interest with the use of online and off-line marketing is the only way that an orthodontic office can receive the recognition that it requires to have success and referrals. Here are some fresh but simple marketing strategies for an orthodontic practice that will help to generate customer loyalty and earn new patients to keep your practice moving forward.

Creating Events and Promotions

Marketing Strategies for an Orthodontic PracticeCreating events and promotions online is one of the best ways that you can generate real interest for your orthodontic practice. Events could be something as simple as a barbecue on holidays or some type of appreciation day for all of your patients. A patient appreciation day or event is a great way to you can get all of your patients together to share new news about the office as well as help them to network and discover more about your orthodontic treatment options. Appreciation days are perfect for patients, parents and for others in the community who are interested in finding out more information about your orthodontic office. By getting people into your office or around some of your staff you can help to educate as well as make new patients feel more at ease with orthodontic treatment. Events and promotions can be advertised over Facebook, radio and other mediums so that you can generate interest and get the biggest impact from your social event. Remember to provide constant updates and content well in advance of your planned event date.

Referral Programs

Consider opting into a referral program: there are many orthodontic offices that offer up referral programs as well as financing options which are flexible for low-income families. Finding a way to offer up your services to a wider market or having an advantage over your competition is a great way to bring in new patients. Do some research into financing programs and various foundations that were to reimburse orthodontists and provide financial help. Referral programs can also work in the favor of future patients and help you to advertise your office organically. A referral program could be something as simple as giving away a Visa gift card or gift certificate for referring a new patient to your office. These types of referral programs will make sure that you receive lots of new patients, in some cases one patient may bring in all of their friends or family members so a referral program is well worth starting. Dollar amounts for gift cards and referral prizes don’t have to be cost to much. Offering something up to your loyal customers is a great way to say thank you and encourage them to market your office for you.

Adding these two marketing strategies to your existing marketing repertoire, you can make a real impact when it comes to generating new business and keeping up-to-date with your current and past patients.

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Simple Marketing Strategies for an Orthodontic Practice

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