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Referral Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice

Referral MarketingReferral marketing is perhaps one of the most powerful tools that you can use to market your orthodontic practice and ensure that you can continue receiving new patients. Orthodontists need a continuous stream of new patients to help benefit the office as well as ensure future income. Referral marketing can take place with a variety of different focuses.

1. Referral Marketing through Local Dentists: By getting into contact with a variety of local dentists and opening up ongoing correspondence you can work to ensure that dentists might begin referring their patients who need orthodontic work to your office. Professional contacts are one of the strongest forms of referral marketing that you can use so if you are starting in orthodontic practice in a new area. It’s very important that you get to know some of the local dentists through events by making the time to meet with one another. There are many orthodontic offices that offer incentives for dentists to refer patients to their program including events like golf tournaments, food deliveries and gifts as well as monetary rewards. Doing everything you can to work with local dentists and coordinate with local dentists is a great way to generate ongoing referrals through several dental practices in your local area.

2. Customer Testimonial Referrals: Encouraging your customers to write about their orthodontic treatment online can also help to generate referral results. Online testimonials are beneficial for potential future patients because they demonstrate just how effective your offices were and how easy orthodontic treatment can be. When people hear from their peers about a positive experience this can generate recognition for a particular office and potentially draw in new customers.

How to Ask for Referrals

3. Customer Referral Program: Offering up a gift or reward for customers to refer new patients to your practice can help to encourage ongoing referrals. A customer referral program could be something as simple as providing a small gift card in return for every new patient that books on appointments through one of your customer referrals. By having new patients mention old patients by name you can work to reward loyal patients for their marketing efforts.

4. Referral-Based Online Marketing: Content creation online can take real time. By offering up attractive referral rates for professional marketers who are willing to create content for your orthodontic practice, you can have a lot of content creation handled for you. There are professionals who make their living by producing high-quality content for orthodontic practices as well as other products and services online earning a small amount of commission for every new patient that they bring into the office with their promotional materials. There are a few websites where you can set up these referral marketing strategies and offer up small commissions for any new and positive content that successfully advertises your practice and draws in new patients. Referral marketing is a great way to increase your notoriety and have a lot of the online marketing work done for you by other professionals.

Our goal is simple: To help you create a high ranking website that produces an evergreen stream of new visitors that convert into new patients.

Set up and manage a social media strategy that works for you, (so you don’t end up working for it) and get a consistent stream of 5 star reviews that stick.

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Referral Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice

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