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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Google’s “MobileGEDDON” update is coming 21st. April 2015

Make Mobile Friendly Now


Not only will your website be bulletproof from Google’s impending update but your fully optimized, custom mobile website will generate More Traffic, More Conversions and More Sales.

73% of ALL searches are mobile searches. If your website is not mobile friendly YOU WILL NOT BE FOUND IN MOBILE SEARCHES!!!

Discover if Your Site is Mobile Friendly Here

Google have been notoriously secretive with previous updates of search algorithms. Clearly the reason they have given us a timeline for this upcoming change is due to the extent of the impact the change on April 21st will have.

They are giving companies like yours the opportunity to catch-up with the mobile revolution. If you don’t adapt you’ll go the same way as the dinosaurs. DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND!

There is GOOD NEWS… Whilst it is TRUE that if you are NOT Mobile friendly you will NOT be found in mobile search… AND 73% of ALL SEARCHES ARE MOBILE SEARCHES…. ONLY 20% of ALL companies ARE currently mobile friendly.


As a full service digital marketing agency, our parent company Blend Local Search Marketing care about how your business performs on search. DON’T WAIT for your website to take a hit from Google’s mobile update.

100% Google approved BESPOKE mobile website design. Fully customized to your requirements. Quarterly update service with the ‘MobileGEDDON Army’  Comprehensive website analytics. Mobile friendly set-up within 72 hours. Take advantage of the SHORT TIME we have before its TOO LATE and let Blend Local Search Marketing keep you ahead of Google and make your site Mobile Friendly Today!

Mobile Friendly Features

Customised Features to make you stand out from the crowd; Click to Call, Mobile Maps, Yelp Reviews, Social Icons, Business Hours and Appointment Request.

Mobile Friendly - Advanced Intergration

Advanced Integrations Including: Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even PayPal.

Mobile Friendly - google-analytics

Full Analytics Take out all the guess work by logging into your personalized dashboard to know who and where your mobile visitors are coming from.

 Click Here to Interact with a Before & After Mobile Friendly Site

What Are You Waiting For? The clock is counting down to 21 APRIL 2015…

Prices will go up after April 21st in order to keep up with demand.

All inquiries please contact us at email: [email protected] 

You can Skype us too! Skype Perry: PerryTheImp

Mobile Friendly 25 Percent OffYearly Discount


Normally $1600 – Today Only $1137
for Complete Mobile Web-build + 1 Years Maintenance & Hosting.



Bulletproof Mobile Friendly

Our goal is simple: To help you create a high ranking website (Desktop and Mobile) that produces an evergreen stream of new visitors that convert into paying customers.

Set up and manage a social media strategy that works for you, (so you don’t end up working for it) and get a consistent stream of 5 star reviews that stick.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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