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Be Local Be Social - Perry and Gio

Hi! It’s Gio and Perry here. Welcome to ‘Be Local Be Social’.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media and Reputation Management can be extremely overwhelming and, as of late, have become buzzwords. The Internet is awash with information, different theories, and unsolicited email spammers offering non-sustainable, quick fix, one click, online visibility solutions.

So, can you cheat Google to achieve high rankings?  Absolutely! However, this will be short-lived. There is no quick fix to getting high visibility online; like most things in life, it takes hard work, dedication and a vast knowledge of the subject.

We’re not going to lie, digital marketing is extremely time consuming. On average our team spend a combined total of over 500 hours a month, not only researching and brain storming the latest changes in Google’s algorithm, but testing new digital software, reading the latest influential blogs, and problem solving a vast array of day-to-day issues with our current orthodontist customer base.

The beauty of our online course is, we condense all our knowledge and the latest changes/ problems into bite sized chunks so you can effectively take action without being swamped with conflicting opinions that could potentially land you in hot water.


How Does Google Work?

First and foremost it is important to understand how Google works in order to rank the rules of the game, so to speak, as opposed to ‘throwing mud at a wall and hoping some sticks’. We see this over and over again; it’s a huge waste of time and resources.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm to determine which results to serve up to the ‘Googler first.  When a specific search keyword is typed into the search bar such as ‘Orthodontist in Nashville’.


Ultimately  Google wants the ‘Googler’ to have the best possible search experience. If this is compromised, it wouldn’t be long before you would start using another search engine such as Bing or Yahoo. Search engines are big business with Google’s net worth being estimated at 200 Billion, yes 200 billion, so it’s imperative they keep their ‘Googlers’ happy.

Give Google What They Want and You Will Be Rewarded

It’s simply a case of understanding what Google wants and in turn providing the necessary ranking/trust signals via your website or/ and your social media platforms. Sounds easy right?

Unfortunately like a good game of chess the variables are constantly changing, there is no cookie cutter method. What works today could be old hat when Google decides to update/modify their algorithm further down the line.

In the world of SEO, Pandas and Penguins are not cute arctic creatures, they are major algorithmic updates that have sent many websites into abyss, hitting businesses bottom line overnight.

But don’t worry; you’ll be the first to know as we always keep up-to-date with the latest trends, in our daily tutorials and on the members forum.

In late 2013 David Mihm and the folks at Moz released their 2013 local search ranking factors. The highlights are shown graphically below.

Be Local Be Social - Marketing for Orthodontists

Be Local Be Social - Orthodontist Online MarketingBe Local Be Social - Marketing for Dentists

A large percentage of our training is based around the above signals and our professional ongoing experiences. There is no ‘mud throwing at walls’ just, to-the-point, actionable, online marketing methods that are proven to work!

So join us today for our unique, over-the-shoulder training to take your practice to new heights and leave the competition wondering what happened.

Be Local Be Social – Dental SEO – Marketing for Orthodontists