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Google Alerts

How Google Alerts Can Help You Manage Your Reputation

If you are a health professional or any type of business owner, your reputation is extremely important. The Internet has made reputation management even more essential, as a single review or forum post about your business can make a big difference to your overall reputation. Your first challenge when it comes to managing your reputation is to be aware of what people are saying about you. Google Alerts provide you with one of the easiest ways to do this.

Setting Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts allow you to tap into the power of the world’s largest search engine to find out when something is posted about you. This may be a review, a comment on a social networking site or a post in a discussion forum. As a professional, you naturally want to know when someone is talking about your practice.

Setting up Google Alerts is a way for you to receive an email from Google whenever your name is mentioned online. There are, of course, other uses for this service, but here we are concerned with Google Alerts for reputation management. Here are the simple steps you should take to set up this very useful service.

Google Alerts

  • At the top of the page, type in your name in the search box. You may want to create multiple alerts, such as for your name and the full name of your practice, if the two are not the same.
  • Choose how often you want to get alerts. Once a day is best, so that you will be immediately informed if something is written about you.

That’s all there is to it.

How to Use Google Alerts

Once you start using Google Alerts for reputation management, all you have to do is pay attention when you receive an alert. This allows you to respond to the commenter or reviewer if it’s appropriate.

The Internet has made it very easy for people who feel angry or dissatisfied about something to vent their feelings publicly. If someone has a complaint with the service you provided, a negative comment or review can do a great deal of harm to your reputation. It’s often possible, however, to remedy the situation once you’re aware of it. If the person has a valid complaint, you can offer to do what you can to fix the problem. If it’s a misunderstanding, you may be able to clear it up.

Nothing is more important to a health professional than his or her reputation. Setting up Google Alerts is very easy and it gives you an efficient way to monitor what people are saying about you. For something that only takes a couple of minutes to set up, it can provide a great deal of benefit to your practice.

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Google Alerts

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