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Benefits of Joining

We would like to be clear from the ‘get-go’ that if you are not a dental professional IE. general dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontists, periodontist, oral surgeons or dental student then you may want to stop here and look for online marketing training somewhere else. Be Local Be Social is an exclusive membership site for health professionals only.

However, if you are a dental health professional and have found this page either by searching in Google or have been referred by a colleague and are serious and motivated to build your business online, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of joining Be Local Be Social Membership.

Who are Perry Stevens and Giovanni Greenard?

Be Local Be Social - Perry StevensPerry Stevens is the founder and CEO of Blend Local Search Marketing since 2008. He’s a Brit currently living on an island in Thailand (The Land of Smiles). Blend is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore and services clients with Website Development, SEO, Social Media Management, Reputation Management and Consultancy. The majority of Blend’s clients are orthodontists based in North America.

Gio Greenard - Be Local Be SocialGiovanni ‘Gio’ Greenard has occupied a senior management position at Blend Local Search Marketing since 2011. He currently splits his time between Asia and the UK. He overseas Blend’s Social Media Accounts teams and is our in-house Google guru and go-to guy for citations.

Please do your own due diligence and feel free to Google Perry and Gio to find out for yourself if they are the real deal!

Blend was conceived as a lifestyle design company that not only allowed Perry to be location independent but all those who work in it to be so too, as long as they have access to the Internet.

As a boutique 360 degree online marketing agency, Blend Local Search Marketing has its restrictions in growing as a business while maintaining a healthy live/work balance. More clients = more staff = more problems and less time. The main ethos of the company is to ‘deliver happiness’. This can’t be maintained or guaranteed if we continue to scale in our current form. We do very well out of it and like it just the way it is, thank you very much. Currently if you would like Blend to work for you, you will have to apply to our waiting list for new clients.

Although we are currently not taking on new clients (at the time of writing) at Blend we still get many inquires from dental professionals who need help and advice with their websites, online marketing, social media strategies, citation clean ups and SEO etc.


So What is Be Local Be Social Membership?

Both Perry and Gio have an overwhelming desire to help others so it was a natural conclusion that Be Local Be Social Membership was born. This membership site for health professionals has been a year in the planning and development and will continue to be updated as search and the web evolves.

Perry and Gio created this site for dental professional interested in building their own online businesses and profit from it. This exclusive membership site provides all the strategies and tactics that you need to build your own website, drive traffic and convert website visitors into paying customers, to only name a few. All the training on the membership site will show you step by step all the methods that we have used in order to make their clients become successful online in an understandable and easy actionable way.

No matter what your skill level this membership site will teach you how to set up and maintain evergreen sales funnels to constantly bring in new patients to your practice. From buying a domain to building a website, from using Pinterest to producing video and from optimizing Google My Business to getting more reviews.

You can Google or browse around the net but in the end you are going to lose money on scams or outdated strategies. I am telling you right now that it is going to take hard work to find what really works. With Be Local Be Social Membership Perry and Gio share what is working right now, the very same strategies and methodologies they use in Blend for their clients every day.

This membership site teaches you exactly how to take your first steps into the online world and gives you access to a complete catalog of helpful information, presentations, tutorials and downloadable products to give you a head start and set you apart from your competition.

Be Local Be Social Membership will teach you how to build your online business into a real asset by starting with the fundamentals and then moving along with some advanced strategies that will continually produce new prospects and patients for your practice.

Be Local Be Social Membership was created for:

  • Dental Health Professionals; general dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontists, periodontist, oral surgeons or dental students
  • Dental Health Professionals that are looking for a supportive and active community
  • Dental Health Professionals that like to learn through video tutorials
  • Dental Health Professionals that are interested in free traffic techniques
  • Dental Health Professionals who are struggling to make it work online


What Can You Expect From Be Local Be Social?

Build your bizBuild You Biz – Step by Step Guide to Building a Website

This series of over-the-shoulder tutorials are designed to accommodate complete beginners without experience and if you do have some skills in this department it will just make your training easier.



Optimize your bizOptimize Your Biz

8 easily digestible chapters that guide your though how to optimize your website for top local search rankings.



Share your bizShare Your Biz

An introduction to the leading social networks you should be active on right now. We show you how to use each one and share our winning strategies to grow your brand, find new prospects and engage with existing customers.



Taking care of bizTaking Care of Biz

Over 10 individual training programs they allow you to cherry pick the ones that you want to learn to benefit your business. Take your choice from Conversions Tactics, Keyword Research, Blogging 101 or Google Analytics to name but a few.



Video Presentations and TutorialsVideo Tutorials

Perry and Gio provide video tutorials that will walk you through just about any topic and it varies from how to create a website, setting up Google My Business, outsourcing, social media strategies and conversion tactics to name but a few.




Too busy running your business to grow your business online? We share with you where and how to outsource specific tasks for pennies on the dollar, hire a Virtual Assistant and get technical support.



Support and CommunitySupport, Community & Forums

Be Local Be Social Membership offers a good support system with both Perry and Gio on hand to respond to your questions via the forum or direct response. It’s like having two consultants on speed-dial!



What are the Disadvantages of Not Joining Be Local Be Social Membership?

By not joining Be Local Be Social Membership nothing would happen if you continue down the same path. A wise man once said to me ‘If things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are’.

  • You will not have a website working for you 24/7 bringing in new qualified leads.
  • You will not be growing your social network and engaging with prospects and customers and your competition will steal them from you.
  • You will not be monitoring your reviews or know what people are saying about your business, good or bad.
  • And if you constantly do the same old thing and expect different results… well we all know Albert Einstein said that was the definition of insanity.
  • So you could search Google for courses and waste a lot of time and money trying to find what you are looking for and see if it works.
  • You could throw mud at the walls and see what sticks.
  • You could contact us at Blend Local Search Marketing and see if we are accepting new clients.

Or you could join other healthcare professionals at Be Local Be Social Membership and start to learn what is working right now for your online business. Join today and enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

For less than the price of a Starbucks Frappucino and a muffin at only $6.37 per day you get access to:

  • Orthodontist Marketing 30-Days Guarentee - Be Local Be SocialNot 1 but two expert Local Search Consultants
  • Easy, actionable over-the-shoulder style training videos and downloads
  • A lively forum and support network
  • Insider tips on website optimization, getting reviews and Google My Business etc.
  • ENGAGE – Your very own social media dashboard
  • MONITOR – Your very own reputation management dashboard
  • And a whole lot more

See you on the inside.


Benefits of Joining