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31 Days of Social Media

31 Days Social Media Scene31 Days to Get in the Social Scene

Many business owners find it hard coming up with new content ideas for their social media networks. If you don’t know what to post on a day-to-day basis, this report will help you create valuable and relevant content one day at a time.

According to Moz, social signal account for 6.3% of the local search ranking factors.

Before you start, register on Klout. Klout is an independent measure of your social success and will help you gauge your progress.

So let’s get busy, let’s get social!

1. Share You Story

Every day you are creating stories to be shared with your social network. Braces off, Smile for a Lifetime or an anniversary. Share your stories with your fans to create an emotional connection.

Share Your Story - Social Media Marketing for Dentists

2. Take a Photo of Your Work Space

By sharing photos behind the scenes of your workspace, it allows your followers to get to know your business. It also builds trust so you can turn them into customers.

Instagram is a great app for taking photos on your smartphone or ipad and sharing them on additional social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Tip: Add text to your images with other apps like Textgram.

Photo of you Workspace - Social Media Marketing for Orthodontist

3. Throwback Thursday

Share old photographs on a Thursday with Hashtag #TBT. This is a popular and fun way to reposition old photos and make a personal connection on Instagram and Facebook.

TBT - Social Media Marketing for Dentists

4. Edit Images

You can take a photograph from your phone and use any one of hundreds of image apps to modify them with different filters, borders or effects.

Add another dimension to your old images and post them on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Edit Images - Marketing for Orthodontist

5. Share Something Good

If you have something that everybody loves at your office, why not share it on your social media channels too?

Tip: You can post these popular photos and web pages more than once as many of your fans may have missed it the first time, especially if you have a large twitter following. Remember to add a link to your website to drive more traffic to it.

Share Something Good - Marketing for Dentists

6. Post Something Seasonal

The seasons change and so should your social media posts. If it’s snowing outside, let everyone know your car park has been cleared. If it’s sunny, post a photo of your team enjoying ice cream. The possibilities are endless, just like the down pouring of rain on an English summers day.

Seasonal Posts - Marketing for Dentists

7. Inspire

What inspires you can be shared. It could be a quote, a musical or sporting performance on YouTube or a milestone you have achieved. Inspire others with you videos, quotes and stories across all your social networks.

Inspire - Dental Marketing

8. Follow Friday

The hashtag #FF is widely used on twitter on a Friday as you may have guessed. The idea is for people to follow back and increase your follower count. The hashtag can be applied to any post you make on that day.

Dentists FF

9. Share Something Funny; )

Viewing funny Meme’s, photos and videos is what the net was made for… maybe! Stay true to your brand and share something that will tickle the funny bones of your fans. (Maybe not the funny bone, we know that is in the elbow but you get the picture!)

Share Funnies - Orthodontic Marketing

10. Post a Fill-in-the-blank

A great way to engage with customers on social media is to post a fill-in-the-blank type question or statement. Yes, we all remember filling these in at school, but you can have a lot more fun posting them on your Facebook fan wall or twitter.

Fil in the Blank - Orthodontic Marketing

11. Share Others Content

You don’t have to create all your own content. A great way to position yourself as the expert in your field is to share other relevant stories, news and media from good sources.

Someone's Content - Social Media Marketing for Dentists

12. Share a Local Community Event

Playing an active role in community events can pay dividends for your business. Look out for ways to support, connect and engage with the conversations going on all around you. They are happening anyway, be a part of them.

Local Community Events - Dental Marketing

13. Ask a Question

The chances are, your prospects and customers are asking questions every day. Why not choose one and answer it on Facebook or twitter today.

Ask Questions - Marketing for Dentists

14. Multiple Choice Questions

Another back to the old school basic for boosting your engagement and allow your patients to share their ideas is by posting multiple-choice questions.

Multiple Choice - Marketing for Orthodontists

15. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Check out past posts and videos and see what content worked best in getting the most shares, likes and comments. If they worked once, there’s a good chance they’ll work again or you can give them a new twist. So reposition your content and media more than once to get more ROI.

Tip: Check out your competition and see what content they are publishing and see if you can replicate or make even better.

Popular Shares - Marketing for Orthodontic offices

16. Infographics

Search for ‘Orthodontic Infographics’ in Google and you will find hundreds of related infographics to link out to in your tweets or post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

orthodontic infographics

17. Share a Stat

A great way to grab people’s attention is to share an interesting statistic with them. Have you read an industry paper or new study? Chances are your social media followers will find it interesting or shocking.

Dental Statistics

18. Celebrate

We all love to celebrate, so share those special moments with your fans. Birthdays, Braces Off, a home run or if just because it’s Friday are all great reasons to celebrate!

Tip: If you’re office is celebrating something special, why not create a special offer so your fans really feel a part of the celebrations!

Celebrate Dental Marketing

19. Introduce Your New Employees

Your fans will love to see who helps makes your business unique. Introduce your new recruits on your Facebook and twitter pages to give your organization the human touch. Why not start a team board on Pinterest!

New Dental Employees

20. Interview a Patient or Customer

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. What better way to build trust than to have a satisfied customer talking about your services?

Interview a dental patient

21. Newsletter

If you already have a regular company newsletter that’s emailed out to your customers, you have done the heavy lifting. Post it out to all your friends and fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Dentistry newsletter

22. Business Video

It’s now easier and more accessible than ever before for all of us to produce and share videos with our smartphones. You can shoot a 15 second video from the Instagram app or longer videos for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

For a more professional video, try a local production company, film school or go online to one of the many hire a freelancer sites to get your epic made.

orthodontic videos

23. Share Something From a Local Community Event

We know all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so share some photos or videos from a local event you recently attended. Let people know you do have a life outside the office.

Tip: Maybe the event is something you or your business could sponsor or attend in a professional capacity in the future. It’s a great way to keep connected with your local community.

Events attended - ortho marketing

24. Patient of the Month

Once a month get into the habit of highlighting a patient of the month. Let everyone know why you have picked this patient and celebrate them. If they are fans on Facebook or a follower on twitter, you can easily tag them and they will get notification that you think they are special.

Orthodontic Patients

25. Mailing List

Invite your fans to stay connected and receive your newsletter by joining your mailing list. Be sure to let them know what they are signing up for. No one likes Spam!

orthodontic mailing list

26. Share a Good Read

Have you read a good book or an interesting article lately? Share it with your audience to stimulate a conversation.

Tip: Start a reading list or book club and ask your team and patients to add their current reading material to it.

Dentistry Books

27. Life Hacks

Share your tips and tricks with your fans. Help make everyone’s life a little bit easier with your expert knowledge. If your patients have tips of their own, remember to name check them in your posts.

Dental Life Hacks

28. Big Up Another business

Visiting the vet, eating at a local restaurant or buying your vegetables and the local farmer’s market? Take a photo and share it with you fans and ensure you are following these local organizations on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

orthodontic business

29. Educate

We all love to learn something new everyday or find the answer to a common misconception. Teach your followers something new related to your profession. This is a great way to position yourself as the expert and start a debate on your networks.

Dental Education

30. Cross Promote

If you have just started using a new social channel like Pinterest, share it with your fans on Facebook and twitter followers. If they are following you on one network, chances are they would like to see what you are sharing on another.

Cross promote dentistry

 31. Thank You

Remember to thank your customers for their support and patronage. Tell them what they mean to you and your business.

Orthodontist Thank You

There are Not Enough Days in a Month

OK, we know most companies post throughout the working week, Monday to Friday so 31 Days in the Social Scene should have given you more than enough great content ideas your can make your own.

But once you start brainstorming you can come up with even more ideas to keep your social media posts fresh and exciting. So get together with your team and share your ideas on our forum with the rest of the community.

Here are some bonus ideas:


32. Reviews

If you have some 5 star reviews from satisfied customers on Google My Business, Yelp or even Facebook, share the link to them with your fans on your twitter, Facebook page and Google +.

Having a happy customer wax lyrical about you on a third party website is wonderful social proof. Don’t forget to write a response to the reviewer for extra brownie points and Google juice.

Dental Reviews

33. Testimonial Tuesday

Share your 5 star reviews and testimonials with your fans.

Orthodontist Testimonial Tuesday

34. Share Your Music

If you listen to music via online providers like Spotify or Soundcloud, it is easy to share what you are listening too with your fans on Facebook and Twitter. Turn it up and pump it out!

Share your Music

35. Paper.li

Twitter users can create their very own, branded online newspaper in minutes. Once set up, it will automatically find, publish & promote relevant and engaging articles, photos and videos from across the web.


36. Meme

Short, often funny animated Gifs are great for sharing on Facebook and twitter. Search on http://giphy.com/ for something relevant to post on your wall.


37. Customized Graphics

Graphics customized with your company logo and website URL are a great way to stretch your brand on Facebook, Pinterest and your blog. Head over to our Graphics Library and order yours today.

Cincopa WordPress plugin

Feel free to run with these ideas and come up with new ones for yourself.

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31 Days of Social Media

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