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12 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic Practices Part 2-3

Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic PracticesWhen it comes to properly marketing your website online to draw in new patients for your orthodontic office, there are some great strategies that any practice can use to generate more interest through internet marketing. Here are 4 more marketing strategies for orthodontic practices in our second blog post in the series of three, that you can use to find more success online.

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Constantly Update

New, unique, relevant, unique, ongoing content is one of the best ways that you can rank up with search engine results pages. As your expand your website and update it with new content, this produces more search engine results and a better chance that someone will find their way onto your webpage.

Producing high quality content that is specifically targeted to your audience with proper keywords and optimization is important to your success. If you need help with content creation or content optimization you can enlist the help of freelancers or a local SEO company to make sure your new content will rank well in search engines. Updating your social media accounts as well as your website may also be required. Ongoing updates to your twitter account and Facebook account will keep your page relevant and ensure that your audience is constantly engaged. Facebook and twitter content is also indexed by search engines so making sure to update it often will ensure you are properly link building for your website and office.

Produce Videos

Youtube - Be Local Be SocialYoutube Videos are now a big part of improving search engine results. Putting out a high quality video on Youtube could be a great move for showcasing your practice and education. People enjoy visual presentation and you can show off a lot of information about your treatment options as well as connect on a more personal level with new patients. Because Youtube videos are now indexed and will appear in search engine results for search engines like Google, you can very quickly capitalize on the video marketplace if other orthodontic practices have not produced any kind of video materials. Youtube videos can also be easily shared through social media or incorporated into your existing website design.

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Create Infographs

Producing educational content and promotional content in professional images like Infographs are a great way that you can present information about your orthodontic practice and dominate image search results. While it may be tough for you to break into your local market for web results or video results, you can include infographics and promotional material on your website and do well with image results.

Social Media or Web Management Services

Keeping all of your social media accounts as well as your website updated and functional can be a big job. Luckily there are a number of firms available that work at managing social media accounts and will provide updates for multiple social media accounts as well as orthodontic websites.

With the help of these professionals you can get top quality content for your website while you work at focusing on your practice and day to day needs. Populating a website and creating professional marketing materials can take hours out of your busy schedule and can cost you many hours of skilled labor if you are unsure of what works online. Trust social media management professionals and concentrate on your work while marketing is taken care of.

Alternatively now there is another option, Be Local Be Social. A private membership website for orthodontists and dentist who want to learn focused and actionable strategies that they can learn and implement themselves. Join us today to get instant access to all the training modules and forum where you can engage with like minded professionals and orthodontic marketing consultants.

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Our goal is simple: To help you create a high ranking website that produces an evergreen stream of new visitors that convert into customers.

Set up and manage a social media strategy that works for you, (so you don’t end up working for it) and get a consistent stream of 5 star reviews that stick.

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