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12 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic Practices Part 1-3

Over our next 3 blog posts we will explore 12 marketing strategies for orthodontic practices.

The way that orthodontic practices are marketing their businesses has changed exponentially especially over the past few years. Social media has opened up some amazing new opportunities for businesses like orthodontic offices to advertise their products and generate interest for new patients. Social media websites have hundreds of millions of users spread across multiple platforms and harnessing the power of inexpensive advertising through these platforms is a strategy that orthodontic practices will need to take on in order to remain competitive from a marketing standpoint. Here are the first five new age marketing strategies that orthodontic practices can use to attract new business and keep loyal customers.


Facebook - Be Local Be SocialCreating a professional Facebook business page for any orthodontic practice is always a good idea. On a Facebook page and orthodontic practice can update information about their offices and any new treatment options that they might have available. Facebook is a great way to connect with the community and create events that can benefit the area around the office to generate new business. Facebook is a way that you can continuously engage with your existing customers and share research and materials online to a large network. An orthodontic practice will need to continue updating their Facebook page with new information, contests and engaging posts throughout the week but with just a short amount of time spent on social media you can make a big impact when it comes to generating new business through engaging with existing patients and their families..


Twitter - Be Local Be SocialTwitter is fairly similar to Facebook and has a mass following. If in orthodontic practice is able to update their Twitter feed a few times a day as well is producing engagement with their Twitter account, they will have a great amount of success with inexpensive marketing. Twitter is a great way that existing customers and patients can reach out to orthodontic experts and have them answer their questions. The twitter account instantly puts an individual in contact with professionals and can produce engagement. An orthodontic office can provide updates and up-to-the-minute answers with this marketing tactic. Twitter is a great tool for customer service when used correctly.

Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic PracticesPinterest

Pinterest - Be Local Be SocialPosting visual content online is done very easily with a website like Pinterest. By creating some infographics and other promotional material you can post promotions and incentives across a Pinterest page and reach out to a large audience. Pinterest is a great platform for orthodontists as this is where your main demographic, Moms hang out. You should be engaging with them to provide a steady flow of new patients into your practice by directing them to your website.

Creating Events

Creating community events and celebrations is a great way to market your orthodontic practice. This can mean being a sponsor in your community for various events or making sure that members of your staff are finding their way to local community events to spread the word about your orthodontic practice. Becoming involved in the community through sponsoring, attending and creating events is a great way to spread the word about your high quality orthodontic practice.

Creating Promotions

While it can be difficult to think of a promotion for an orthodontic practice there are a number of apps that you can use to create promotions for your orthodontic practice. By checking online you can find businesses that are willing to create Facebook and online promotions were you provide the prize and they run the contest. There are also additional prizes like draws that you can hold in your orthodontic practice or promotions for new patients. Well advertised promotions are always able to draw a crowd.

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Our goal is simple: To help you create a high ranking website that produces an evergreen stream of new visitors that convert into customers.

Set up and manage a social media strategy that works for you, (so you don’t end up working for it) and get a consistent stream of 5 star reviews that stick.

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12 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic Practices Part 1-3

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